Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"The Canadian" Goes Viral

UCBNY student David Rynn's The Canadian, a parody of the trailer for the George Clooney film The American, has gone viral up north! After Canadian news outlets picked up the video, David was interviewed for the Toronto Star -- and the video even appeared on Canadian television.

In an interview with UCB Comedy, David said, "I thought it would be funny if it was The Canadian instead of The American because we generally think of Canadians as nicer versions of ourselves, which is a good contrast to the dark feel of the film. Also, the first line in the original trailer is 'It's Jack... I want out' -- so it seemed like a natural choice. I pitched it to some friends of mine, workshopped it and my friend Paul Barker co-wrote the script with me. We filmed over three days and then I spent three days huddled up, editing it and composing the music. Production was a bit of a nightmare as we had no budget, bad equipment and most everyone besides me happened to be taking off for vacation a couple days into shooting. Not to mention my editing program kept deleting all the audio off of my edits then saving itself. Good times."

Here's the video that is being paired with a lot of Tim Hortons coffee:

The American spoof: The CanadianUCBcomedy.com
Watch more comedy videos from the twisted minds of the UCB Theatre at UCBcomedy.com

Check out David's website.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rachel Bloom's Mother on "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury"

If you're a fan of UCB Comedy on Facebook, you may have seen a very special commenter on the post about "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury:" writer Rachel Bloom's mother.

UCB Comedy asked Rachel's mom what she thought of her daughter's online status as closest rival to Cee-Lo for best use of the f-word in a pop song (about a 90-year-old man, no less).

Her response? "Okay, UCB, I'll tell ye. At first, it was a little disconcerting, but now I still can't get the tune out of my head. I'm very proud of her because she is doing what she wants to do. Also, I'm proud because she actually inherited something good from me -- her musical ability. Okay, now you know. Thank you."

If you're not "Liking" UCB Comedy on Facebook, do it now -- you never know who will pop up in that news feed!