Thursday, January 6, 2011

Behind the Scenes with Bored Cops!

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Bored Cops
is a new UCB Comedy web series written by and starring UCBNY favorites Anthony King and Jim Santangeli, as exactly that: cops keeping themselves occupied during a never-ending stakeout.

"From what I understand, cops can be on stakeouts for really long stretches of time," says director Nate Smith. "Sometimes for 20-30 years. Sometimes a detective's whole career is just one stakeout, then he retires."

UCB Comedy grabbed a moment with Anthony, Jim and Nate to discuss their very funny web series.

On set with "Bored Cops"

What was the inspiration behind Bored Cops?

Jim: This idea was Anthony's. He approached me saying, "I have this idea I want to do with you. It's about two cops on a stakeout with nothing to do." I thought that was a fun, simple idea and said, "Sure, sounds fun." Then he said, "Oh my God! Really? You'll do it with me? I'm such a huge fan of yours. You are so funny and handsome AND THIN!"

Anthony: I think I can speak for Jim when I say that if we were not doing comedy, we would be cops. We know almost nothing about what it is really like to be a cop, but the things we've imagined all sound really fun. Did you know that cops get to use guns? Seems dangerous!

Nate: I'm pretty sure Jim and Anthony said to themselves, "What idea would Nate Smith be really good at directing?" And they built the series around that. They had the same thought with Craigslist Caterers.

How many episodes are planning to shoot?

Anthony: We have shot eight episodes so far. We're calling that the "first season" because for some reason things like this are grouped into "seasons." Hopefully we'll make a second season soon.

Director Nate Smith with Jim Santangeli and Anthony King

When have you been the most bored in your life?

Jim: I feel like I am never bored, but then again I think I have bad habits when I'm bored. Like eating, for example. So, I must be bored all the time. Because I eat all the time. This is honestly an innocent question that just made me feel like I need some serious therapy. I will say this, there is an episode about to come out about a birthday cake that we throw away. If I was bored, I would not throw that cake away. That cake could help me kill hours of time (or at least minutes). Thanks for depressing me.

Nate: If there [was] 100 percent more masturbation in the show, then it would feature my primary boredom-fighting technique. But this show is about Jim and Anthony's techniques. There were some cross-overs from their anti-boredom styles to my own, but that one didn't make it. Singing did. I sing a lot. That episode is to come.

I have been super-bored -- SUPER-bored -- in my life. One time I went to a funeral viewing that started at 1pm and ended at 6pm. Five hours of boredom-cake, iced with sadness-frosting. If we had an episode where the guys talk about how they'd like to make a funeral entertaining for five hours, that one would be based on my technique from that day. But this show is about Jim and Anthony's techniques.

Anthony: I believe that boredom is all around us. You just have to look for it.

If you haven't watched all four episodes of Bored Cops, check them out on UCB Comedy. Episodes are released every Thursday.