Friday, October 24, 2008

My Top Five Favorite UCBComedy Political Videos

I was watching Michelle Obama's speech in Ohio this morning and she was cracking a few jokes. I appreciate that. She's actually a funny lady.

To keep the electoral-humor train rolling, here's a list of my top five favorite political videos on

1.) Palin Rap - Heather Campbell's take on Sarah Palin. It's musical. It's badass. And it features the genius line, "I'd club baby seals if there was oil inside them."

2.) Dry Hump the Vote - Rarely do voting campaigns turn me on. This one makes me feel all hot and bothered.

3.) Concession Speech Meltdown - James Adomian channels his inner Bill O'Reilly and loses his shit.

4.) Rock the Polls - Erin McGathy still manages to get the public's opinion on voting despite having her heart broken.

5.) McCain, Shut Up - I think Nathan Barnatt says and does what all of us are thinking...

Honorable Mention- Even though Hillary is no longer in the running, I am in love with the episode of The Jeannie Tate Show where Jeannie and her daughter Tina head to a Hillary rally. It features up-and-coming superstar Aubrey Plaza and I love anything she has ever said. Ever.

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