Friday, January 15, 2010

An Important Announcement from the UCB Comedy Blog

Sad news today, everyone. It seems like Jay Leno was not satisfied with his time writing for his new blog address,, and asked the powers that be to give him this address back. Unfortunately, his request has been granted, despite his tendency to use the wrong form of "they're"/"their"/"there" and his overposting of pictures of his neighbor's shih tzu, Ava, that he likes way too much.

You'll be able to find Becky at her old time slot address,, while I'll likely be going back to my old job monitoring site traffic at, the official site of Iowa Corn. Thank you very much for your readership, and we hope to see you again soon.

Jay Leno has also sent us this message, which he asked be passed along to you. It was written by Jay Leno, no lie:

Hey their, UCB Comedy blog readers! I'm very excited to be back, right heir at the UCB Comedy Blog. As you all know, my new job was a bad job so now I want my old job, right thare at! I will approach the position with great aplomb, and I know that thayer's a lot of great blogging in store for you in the near future! Also, did I mention Ava?!? OMG SO CUTE.
Also I own cars. More then five! C U L8R!

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