Sunday, February 21, 2010

Huff. Post and Jimmy Fallon love Google Buzz: Revealed

Huffington Post says:
"About a week ago the all powerful omniscient Google overlords released a new social networking platform: Google Buzz. Check out these great jabs at Google Buzz by some of the most hilarious and pissed off people on the Internet and then vote for your favorites!"

Vote for your favorite Google Buzz video. UCB Comedy Google Buzz: Revealed on Huffington Post

Jimmy Fallon's Blog says:
"The jury is still out on Google Buzz, but mostly it seems like the jury is saying "What!!?" and "Unnngh! No!!" Here's a smart little comedy video about how everyone is taking this whole Google Buzz thing. NSFW language so turn down your speakers if you're at work!"

Check it out here: Google Buzz: Revealed


Morgan said...

I posted this on HuffPo because I love you guys.

Todd Bieber said...

Thanks Morgan. We love Huffington Post!