Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rob Lathan's Permanent Nutface Gary in Indie Film

A lot of comedians hope their Internet videos land in front of directors -- but UCB dynamo Rob Lathan's video featuring his character "Permanent Nutface Gary" led to a role in an independent film -- as Permanent Nutface Gary!

This March, s
creenwriter/actor/comedian Ross Patterson sent Rob an email saying that he had seen the video of Permanent Nutface Gary and really loved it. Patterson asked if he could write the character into his screenplay, "Poolboy: Drowning Out the Fury," as a mastermind villain. Rob agreed; filming was in mid-July.

Rob was kind enough to give the UCB Comedy blog the lowdown from the set of "Poolboy":

When I first got the e-mail from Ross Patterson, I was a little skeptical, but then I read the screenplay and thought it was hilarious. It's sort of an insane version of a Zucker Brothers movie, where there's basically a joke in every line. I also figured, what the hell, it's such a great story to have a character I created named Permanent Nutface Gary to star in a movie as a mastermind villain.

So cut to last Sunday, I'm flown out to LA. They paid for my rental car and my flight (in coach - I guess Gary hasn't quite gotten to First Class status yet), and paid me scale. But I would have done if for free.

Nutface Gary and Kevin Sorbo

I went in thinking it would be a small, independent movie. And it was. But when I see the call sheet, I realize Kevin Sorbo (from Hercules fame) is going to be in it as the lead, as well as Jason Mewes (from Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), who will be playing Kevin's stunt double (now you get the tone of the movie). We all shared the same trailer in different compartments, so we hung out a little bit on set. I asked to get some picture with the stars, posing as Permanent Nutface Gary each time.

Jason Mewes and Nutface Gary

Things only got better when I discovered that playing the henchman to Permanent Nutface Gary was none other than Danny Trejo, who will be playing the lead in the upcoming movie, Machete. True to his character, Trejo remained shirtless throughout the filming.

Danny Trejo and Nutface Gary

A couple of other highlights from the first day included:
  • Explaining the premise of Permanent Nutface Gary to Jason Mewes
  • Performing in a scene with Jason where he says the line, "Who are you?" To which Gary responds in an automated voice, "I am Permanent Nutface Gary."
  • Witnessing Kevin Sorbo twirl a pool rake as a weapon as if it was nothing
  • Hearing Sorbo recount at lunch that he'll make more money signing autographs for 5 minutes at Comic Con than he will during the 10 days of filming "Poolboy." But he loved the screenplay, so he signed up for the movie.
  • Meeting the actor who played Jar Jar Binks on set. He plays a ninja named "Sidney Moncrief" in the movie, and nailed his scene, so it looks like he's moved from his Jar Jar days.
  • Hearing the director announce with complete sincerity: "We need Nutface's wheelchair on set. Bring the Nutface wheelchair pronto!"
  • Getting fake blood and Chinese throwing stars splattered all over Gary's Nutface
For the second day Permanent Nutface Gary had a sex scene with actress Alanna Ubach (who's been in Hung, Legally Blonde and a bunch of other things). This scene would explain how Gary got his condition. Also, Gary's backstory in the movie was that he was a famed Russian scientist, so I would be speaking with a Russian accent. I explained to the writer that I don't usually do Russian accents, to which he responded, "Don't worry, the worse the accent is, the better." So Alanna and I did the scene and we nailed it.

Although Rob isn't sure when (or if) this movie will hit theaters, but the film does have a little star power and buzz behind it...especially coming from famed screen legend and notorious villain: Permanent Nutface Gary....

Here's the video that started it all:

Rob Lathan has appeared on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," "The Colbert Report," "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," "Human Giant," and "Best Week Ever." Rob co-wrote a self help parody book with Will Hines titled "Get Psyched"! He is also working on a one man show called "A Benefit for Permanent Nutface Gary."


b said...

Congratulations PNfG and Rob!

The Super Pan said...

Can't wait to see scenes with PNfG and Machete. Nice job, Rob!

Kurt said...

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