Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Neighborhood Watch" Created By and Starring UCB Comedians

Neighborhood Watch -- Official Promo Video from Noam Bleiweiss on Vimeo.

UCB comedians Mike Mitchell, Ron Babcock and Jake Regal star in Neighborhood Watch, a new web series written and directed by Noam Bleiweiss, who also directs the Beta team Pantsuit. The series features Dennis Haskins -- yes, Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell -- in what Noam calls Haskins' "first-ever return to onscreen 'principal-ing.'"

"When I think of comedy in L.A. I think of UCB," says Noam. "It's where the funniest actors are. So when the time came to cast for Neighborhood Watch, I knew that's where I wanted to look. We kind of got to treat the performer page on the UCB site as our casting site for the show. We went through all the performers and picked the ones who we'd seen on stage and knew were funny. Then we could take it a step further and go watch their videos on UCB Comedy. It's so much more enjoyable than auditions. And the great thing about UCB is that if someone you wanted to cast is already booked during your shoot dates, there's so many other super-talented performers to pick from."

Noam notes that Lindsay Hendrickson, UCBLA's General Manager, was extremely helpful -- "she always seemed to email me people's contact information within minutes, which is so convenient when you're facing the time crunch before a shoot."

Neighborhood Watch, which debuts Mon., Nov. 1,
is about fool-hardy middle age men living in Sunnyvale, the safest town in America, who start a Neighborhood Watch as an excuse to spend time away from their wives. But, when actual crimes begin to pop up, the men attempt to solve the mystery... very poorly.

Visit the Neighborhood Watch website and check back Monday for the first episode.

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