Friday, November 12, 2010

Justin Bieber Gritty Movie Trailer Rivals Justin Bieber's Popularity

UCB Comedy's Justin Bieber Gritty Movie Trailer is burning up the Internet, currently featured on sites like Huffington Post, Deadline Hollywood, Tosh.O, Best Week Ever, The Washington Post, the L.A. Times Magazine, iwatchstuff, The High Definite, The Daily What, Splitsider, Comedy Central, Hollywood Reporter, and more!

The video was written and directed by the equally-dreamy-but-not-at-all-related Todd Bieber, UCB Comedy's Director of Content and Production. "When people ask me if I'm related to Justin Bieber, I refer to them to the Michael Bolton scene from Office Space," says Todd.

Emily Axford
plays the pop sensation, with Neil Casey, Nat Freedburg, Kate Riley, Pedro Lee, Tanisha Long and Don Fanelli rounding out the cast.

"I cast Emily because Justin Bieber looks like a cute girl. That's just a fact," notes Todd. "UCBLA did a Justin Bieber video a few months ago and they cast a woman as J.B. and I thought that was smart. I've worked with Emily Axford on a few videos in the past and she's a talented actress and super-funny. She just seemed like the natural choice."

Other forces behind the gritty biopic include Alex Chinnici, Director of Photography; Julie Gomez, producer; Sarah Scheld, costumes and art; Sean Traynor, sound; Alex Adan and Andy Bond, crew and Adam Sacks, graphics.


nagham.97 said...

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Sarah said...

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Joke Funny Joke said...

Great stuff. Justin Beiber is such rich comedy fodder.