Friday, May 29, 2009

Movie Review Headline Suggestions: 5/29/09

Reviewers, feel free to use any of these. Just give me credit. And monies.


Two Thumps Up for Up

Head Down to the Theatre and See Up

Up Is Really Good, Guys!

Pixar's Future: Looking Up

I'm The One Reviewer Who's Gonna Say They Don't Like Up!

Drag Me To Hell:

Drag Yourself to the Theatre For This One

Drag Me to Hell Is No Drag

Drag Me To Hell Is Really Good, Guys!

One Hell of a Good Time

Drag Me To Hell is Video, With Sound and Actors!

Okuribito (Departures):

Take A Departure From Typical American Tripe For This Great Foreign Film!

Okuribito, Bite My Burrito!

This Movie Has Subtitles So You're Not Gonna See It No Matter What I Say

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