Friday, June 5, 2009

Movie Review Headline Suggestions: 6/5/09

Reviewers, feel free to use any of these. Just give me credit. And monies.
Note: These are not based on my actual opinions, but the general consensus of critics.

The Hangover:

Hang an 'A+' On This Summer Comedy Hit!

I'm Hungover From The Hangover!

Over and Above the Best Comedy So Far This Year!

We Were Hangin' After The Hangover, and I Couldn't Believe It Was Already Over!

I Have A Drinking Problem, So It's Good To Know I'm Not Alone!

Land of the Lost:

Lost Cause

Don't Land Your Butt in a Theatre Seat For This One

More Like Land of the Really Lost!

There Were Dinosaurs and Things, and Really Will Ferrell is a Funny Dude, but This Movie's Not So Great

Away We Go:

Away We Go to a Delightful Little Film!

Maya Rudolph, You Go, Girl!

Is That The Dude From The Office With a Beard?

Thank you, America! I'll be here all night.

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