Thursday, April 2, 2009

iPod Shuffle Is A Dick

So out here in New York we have this guy Adam Frucci. He performs at the theater (on Bastian, a Harold Team) and also is an editor at the tech gadget blog Gizmodo. We're going to be teaming up with him to make videos about the gadgets they review. Here's the first one, iPod Shuffle:

Frucci's hair flips were totally improvised.

Reading the script, I thought the shoot would be very simple. But walking backwards along 22nd street with one intern (Carmen Angelica) trying to hold a boom mike and another (Sara Rubin, who also is the girl who enters the shot while Frucci is wrestling with his iPod) reading the lines of the iPod was a bit tough. At least two takes I tripped over the tiny fences we keep around our trees here in Manhattan. Embarrassing, but it was for art so it's okay.

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