Friday, April 3, 2009

My favorite comments on UCB Comedy's YouTube Page.

Have you been to UCB Comedy's YouTube Page? Not to brag or anything, but we're like YouTube gods. Like, we're supercool. So, beenerkeekee can go screw himself... which I think he can physically do because I believe he's a hermaphrodite.

What am I saying? Beenerkeekee is adorable. I'm sorry.

Anyway, some people leave hilarious comments on our YouTube videos and I feel as if i should share some them with you.

1.) I Washed My Hands!

- Someone asks "Is that Ethan Suplee in the background?" That's hilarious because it's not. It's Harrison Brown. As in Harrison Brown-Suplee. Ethan's identical twin brother.

2.) Ipod Shuffle

Someone says "just like ur mom." This isn't as funny as it is true. Yes, this internet video does resemble my mother. This comment is far from ambiguous or retarded because this user really understands every detail of my mother. Thank you for that, Mr. Commenter.

3.) Infomercial Date

Someone writes, "Makes you wonder...why the fuck are we paying NASA for all of this info crap. Can we cut them out of the national budget? I don't need a magic mop or a magic magic set or a tape recorder that can fit into the palm of my hand...all of that stuff was around when I was 2, but it was bigger, and suckier."

Yeah, fuck NASA! You, NASA, accidentally send teens into space and make them put their differences aside and work together to make it back to Earth. Fuck that shit.

I'll be adding some more YouTube comments later because it's my nap time right now.

For now, you can write some hilarious comments below.

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