Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st News Bulletin

Guys, sad news. The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Los Angeles is closing, because we all decided to move to Portland. It turns out that LA's not the best place to go if you're looking for work in the entertainment industry, so the UCBTLA is closing, for serious. It really is.

I know it's April 1st and that's April Fools, but this is a real serious post for real, guys. It's really sad and the UCB Theatre LA's gonna be closed in, like, a few weeks. So when you come to the UCBTLA in, like, a few weeks after today, April 1st, don't be sad when it's just some dude doing a one man show that sucks because one man shows suck.

Also, it's today, on April Fool's Day, that we'd like to announce that the Upright Citizens Brigade will be opening a new theatre in Portland, which is in Montana. This is really real and on April 15th, two weeks after today (which is April Fool's Day), that thing I just said is totally gonna happen. Totes mcsproderboats, you guys, for realsies, and dat's de gawdshonest twoof!

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Jack Allison said...

i read about this on the "news"