Friday, April 24, 2009

As Seen on TV

I was watching Ben Siemon's Infomercial Date and I realized that I am a victim to As Seen on TV scams. I'll admit this to you: I have purchased a lot of As Seen on TV products. I am so vulnerable to infomercials. They make it seem that with this product, my life will totally improve. I get the product, and, at first, I think, "Wow, this product is amazing!" Then, after two more tries I realize I purchased the most defunct product in the world.

Okay, so here's a list of some things I've purchased:

1.) Strap Perfect. This was my latest purchase. My bra straps are always falling over so I decided to get this 20 dollar piece of plastic to keep them in place. Basically, this thing is a piece of plastic that is snug against your skin all day. I have very sensitive skin, so the strap perfect permanently indented itself on my back and now it looks like I have a weird Satanic symbol branded on me. It's not that big of a deal... since I'm a Satanist (a Jewish Satanist at that), but if I weren't, I would be a little peeved... and a little Born-Again, too. Cost: $20.00.

2.) Tweez-E. Tweez-E is a pair of electric tweezers, promising to get it's job done painlessly and in half the time. No way. Tweez-E is not eaz-E. All it does is pinch your skin and make a weird vibrating noise that makes your roommates think you cannot stop using a vibrator, while cursing, whenever the bathroom door is shut. Cost: $30.00

3.)The Ab Glide. Okay, I didn't actually purchase this product, but I did waste a Hannukkah on this. Every year for Hannukkah, my parents use to allow me one "big" present and the rest of my presents were cheap or free little tokens like a sheet of price stickers from ShopRite or fun-shaped erasers that my mom usually gives to her students. That year I asked for an Ab Glide as my "big" present and the second after I performed my first glide, I wished I had asked for an Ab Doer. Cost: Hanukkah of 1998.

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