Friday, July 10, 2009

Becky Vs. Bob McBobbob

All right, folks. First ever UCB Comedy Blog Cagematch. In one corner, we got your Becky Feldmans and we got your Cissy Fenwicks, with "BBQ Sauce," a short and sweet sketch that I freakin' love that they put together. In the other, we got YouTube user rockshya23, best known for saying "ucb just keeps pumping out shit that i dont think anyone seems to enjoy,"* and his latest video, "Bob McBobbob." Who ya got? Vote at the right!

BBQ Sauce

Bob McBobbob

We're childish tools. But come on, Becky and I needed something to do in the office today. Plus, I totally feel for rockshya23, because when I was ten I thought the name "Bob" was hilarious, too.

*Source: YouTube

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