Friday, July 31, 2009

UCB Comedy is Pizza Obsessed

By accident, the UCB Comedy creators on both coasts have gotten obsessed with pizza, pasta and sauce related subjects:

Four recent UCB Comedy videos posted to the YouTube channel:

1. Domino's New Crust-Stuffed Crust Pizza
2. Pepperonis
3. BBQ Sauce
4. Penny Pizza

AND the NYC folks (me) also posted an older video Sue Is Late For Lunch which although is not directly pizza-related, is food-focused. Weirder still, the NYC folks have one more sauce-focused video about to come out.

We can deduce here that the writers have been locked in a room in order to create, but this has merely made them hungry. Becky, Matt and myself should get these guys some food.

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Becky Feldman said...

Ah! We just uploaded a new video, a parody of the new movie Orphan, to our Youtube account. One user commented, "finally its not about pizza :) ".

Let's have a pizza party to celebrate this accomplishment!