Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer's the best! Here're some videos not really related to summer!

Hey everyone! I'm happy. Why am I happy? Because it's nice and beautiful and sunny outside, and that gives me an excuse to eat lots of frozen yogurt. And what better activity is there than than kicking back with a cup of Menchies and watching some videos? Here are a couple recent UCB Comedy Originals, the first being one I originally wrote with my Maude team Up, Up, Up! and filled with a bunch of performers from the LA theatre who I know from personal experience are awesome talented people, the second from the New York theatre with a bunch of performers I've never met personally but am sure are awesome talented people. Enjoy!

The Sports Show

The Cornish Game Hen Maneuver

Happy summer!


WillieBHines said...

Matty! Thank you for including Cornish Game Hen Maneuver!

I love The Sports Show. May I geekily say I was impressed with the greenscreen work? Cause I said it.

Matty Smith said...

Thanks Will! Becky and I both loved the Game Hen Maneuver.

Harrison (Brown) did the green screen stuff for the Sports Show and yeah, he did a really, really awesome job (on both that and making the sketch look really good).