Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An Excerpt from Becky's Journal

I've decided, in order to improve my life, to write in a journal every night. People have said that this is a productive thing to be in touch with yourself and focus on your feelings and emotions. I've been very strict with writing in my journal every night, even if I am in an altered state - which I was in last night. I woke up this morning to find this entry that I scribbled with a magic marker:

"Things I Don't Get About Free Willy"

There have been so many sequels to Free Willy and the thing I wonder is if the movies are about "freeing" Willy why isn't Willy learning how not to get trapped again? If he needs to be freed year after year, summer blockbuster season after summer blockbuster season, isn't he a retarded whale for consistently getting caught? Wouldn't the whale learn not to swim toward the net? They should've shot Willy at the end of the sequel because he's so retarded.

In the beginning of the movie, the main kid steals a wedding cake and goes to a skate park and the police come. The kid starts to run thinking, "Oh, shit! The cops are here and I'm eating cake in a public place!" The officers pin the kid down on the ground, handcuff him, rough him around a bit, and take him to jail or wherever. Who gets in trouble for eating cake??! Oh my God. I really want cake right now. Fuck. Why don't I have cake in the house. No wait. I want something salty.

Okay, why is the kid now going to a rich foster family? They don't even exist!

And that was my journal entry I wrote last night. I read it to Harrison and Matty a few minutes ago and they told me that in the sequels to the movie, the character of Willy-the whale are different whales.


Then, Harrison proceeded to tell me that there are multiple Shamu's as well.


I'm going to go die from the bullet wound in my neck now.


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