Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Top Five Favorite Pranks on UCBComedy.com

5.) Sexual Negotation from Crossballs. My favorite kinds of pranks are when someone having nothing to do with the prank says or does something totally outrageous. For example, when I was in Boston, there was this guy I used to talk to at a bar called Remingtons. (There's your shout-out!) I pulled one of those I'm-going-to-tap-your-left-shoulder-but-really-I'm-on-the-right-side-of-you moves and the guy I did that to got so shocked that he pulled out a gun and shot me in the foot. It was such a spontaneous moment, I couldn't help but laugh. I still giggle every time I shower and see that bullet lodged in my foot. In this episode, Mary Birdsong pisses off a career woman for not using her body to get ahead in the workplace. However, another guest on the show, a reverend (not an actor), says some of the most outrageous, sexist things, that even a hardcore feminist would say, "Ok. That's pretty fucking hilarious."

4.) ImprovEverywhere's Chekov Prank. Yes, I was a theater major which is one of the reasons why I love this video so much. You know that douchebag who acts smart in front of other people but in reality is so dumb? This one is for them.

3.) Suicide Prank. Another gem from ImprovEverywhere. Will Hines plays a man about to jump... from a ledge that's about a foot high. What's great about this prank is that it's not only funny, but it brought a community together and makes you really appreciate life. I'm actually crying right now. Seriously crying.

2.) Vertigo. Can I put one more ImprovEverywhere in here? Yes I can. It's my post. ImprovEverywhere sets up a fake U2 concert in this prank, which is arguably the post publicized scene they have ever caused. I feel like this one brought ImprovEverywhere into everyone's consciousness and if I'm wrong... then... fuck you, it's really Bono up there.

1.) Child Prodigy Prank. It was really hard to pick my number one, but after thinking about it I had to go with this one. Matt Besser and Amy Poehler pretend to be parents of a musical prodigy and have a meeting with a school for gifted children. Their son's instrument? Playing songs on a touchtone phone. How they managed to keep straight faces is beyond me. Maybe the next time I pull a prank, I shouldn't bring along a professional tickler.

What are your favorites?

(Aprils Fools! I don't care. )

(Just kidding, I do.)

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WillieBHines said...

Yeah! I made the list! Thank you Becky.