Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey, Friend. Don't Cuss.

Those that know me well know that I'm not a cusser. Just don't do it. Not my style. I'll take a "frickin' a-hole" over a "frickin' a-hole" (pretend I didn't self-censor the latter) any day of the week. Especially Sundays, the day of the Lord, but also Thursdays, the day of Thor. My linguistic tendencies harken back to the early years of the Hayes Code, when not being openly obscene forced filmmakers to be creatively indirect and heavy on the innuendo, causing movies to actually be way more awesome. That's right, I'm a modern day Lubitsch, totally awesomer than all you kids who curse. I may also be a total tool, but like, an awesome tool.

Sort of like this kid...

Oh, and don't worry. Becky and I are already official members of the No Cussing Club.

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Charles said...

I saw this stuff on the news and I started to wonder how many of these kids are going to grow and be like man we were douchebags. I think Ill do a documentary in 10 years and catch up with all these kids.