Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We're a bunch of skinny wieners.

For your sake, I hope you got that blog subject reference.

Some of you may remember that, not long ago, we were nominated for those Oscars of New York comedy, the ECNY Awards. We said we wanted an award, and we meant it. Meant it bad. And you know what?

We got it. We won. That's right, is the reigning champion for the ECNY Awards' Best Website. Along with a bunch of other UCB performers who won awards, is inarguably better than other things. Who do we have to thank? You, the viewer/bored guy at work. And ourselves. High fives all around. Now hows about they make a "Best Blog Peripheral to a Comedy Website" award? We want more awards.

And in honor of awards, here's a video related to awards featuring at least one sexy shirtless dude. Enjoy!

We're the best!

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