Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time Travel Tuesdays

Oh, what's that? It's not Tuesday? Maybe not where YOU are...or should I say when you are. See, right now, it's Tuesday the Glorby-Seventh in the year 6280 from where I'm thinking about writing (nobody actually types here, you just think about things and they appear on the internet).

I'll answer some of the obvious questions you've got: 
-Yes, there are flying cars.
-No, licorice no longer exists.
-Yes, Obama fixes a lot of stuff.
-Yes, Matty's Twilight fan fiction garners him extensive posthumous success like no other, rivaling the likes of Vincent van Gogh and Val Kilmer (he's really popular in the future).

But I'm sure you're tired of me droning on about the future. In honor of Time Travel Tuesdays, here are some of UCB's finest time travel sketches:

1. Time Travel Expedition

2. Paul's Time Machine

3. Time Pot

Yours in Kilmer,

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