Monday, December 8, 2008

ur docter wil c u nau KTHXBAI (also, One Great Sketch for Monday)

All right. So last night, I was indulging myself in a little Dolphin Olympics 2. If you don't know it, you should, because it's great. Fireworks, Mars, and dolphins. The whole shebang. Also good is Zilch, an online dice game (at least, the online version is online). Online dice games are fun because they take away everything about dice that make dice dice-- mainly, the physicality and the randomness (Did you know computers can't be random, but can only do their best to simulate randomness based on probabilities and whatnot? Fun fact #43!)-- so really you're almost not even playing a game at all. That's how I like to spend my free time, anyway.

But I digress. What's more important is that on the website where I was playing these marvelous games, there's a little open chat room that's always running to the side. I never partook in the banter that took place there, but I did check on it every now and then to notice a fellow whose name was something along the lines of "kidninja472." Kidninja's side of the chat went a like something like this (copy n' pasted):

"just out of school"

"wat u on"

"no u kk i c"

"im n med school"

Yup, med school. Kidninja's in med school. People, future doctors are going online and chatting in chat rooms, and even they have felt the need to throw grammar to the wind in that violent manner unachievable through mere spoken word. Basically, kidninja is either a horrible future doctor, or somebody who's horrible at pretending they're a doctor. I'll let you take your pick, but neither choice speaks too well of anything. Then again, I'm not in med school, so I really have no room to criticize.

There's probably a pretty good argument for or against universal healthcare in there, too, for people who like to look for something in nothing. Or as I like to call them, Cubs fans! Badabing. I promise you nobody who read that thought it was funny. And in what people in the biz refer to as a "perfect segue," we go from this discussion of doctors to Hospital Bits, which I find to be really funny. It's got Drew DiFonzo Marks, Marisa Pinson, and Jon Glover, along with the direction and voicework of Andie Bolt, and it's pretty great. If you don't agree, lemme know with a comment why don't ya. There's ten of 'em, so when you're done with the one below you can head to and check out all the rest of the magic.

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