Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2,000! We Did It!

Today, the UCBComedy Blog broke 2,000 unique visitors. That's 2,000 different people who've visited the site, or 20 people who've deleted their cookies and returned to the site 100 times, or something. I choose to believe the former, because I'm one of those people who picks and chooses their beliefs. 2000's an important number. It was the year everyone expected computers to go crazy and kill us all, when you attach it to the end of a name it always makes it cooler (i.e. Roomba 2000, Al Gore 2000), and when you google it you get that sweet picture of the dude looking through a magnifying glass at right.

We've had a lot of great times at the UCBComedy.com blog, and I just wanted to recount my favorite memories of the past few months. Here they are, in a specific order:
- Our first post.
- The time when, in an effort to make money for the site, Becky and I sold competing friendship bracelet-styled products.
- The season we spent at that sweet beach resort.
- The time Matt Besser and I were trapped in an elevator with Mrs. Belding as she delivered her baby.
- The time Justin (who we nicknamed "Screech") ended up with a higher GPA than Becky but let her be the valedictorian, but then Becky found out and let Screech take his righful place as valedictorian at the Bayside graduation ceremony.

Good times, and I was glad to be there for all of those as they actually happened. Who knows what treasures the next 2,000 unique visitors will behold?

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