Friday, January 30, 2009

No, MY Life at

Hey everybody!

So, in the last post, Matty provided all of you with some pictures documenting his day at

I feel, dear readers, that you deserve my perspective on my day at It's vastly different than Matty's.

So, without further adieu, I'd like to provide you with some pictures of my day at

Every morning when I get in, I get very important emails from very important people. Here is a picture of an email I received with very important and exciting news that can affect everyone's life as we know it.

As Matty mentioned in his previous post, we do get visitors, which is very exciting.

I received a very exciting visitor today! I even took a picture of her as she walked through the door.

And here is a picture of her sitting next to me in the office. She was wearing a T-shirt with a phrase on it from an exciting project she is working on that could possibly affect everyone's life as we know it.

Finally, what's great, for me, about working at, is that we work at the actual UCB theatre. Many times, we get to watch the dress rehearsals for some of the upcoming shows, which is super awesome.

Right now, there is a top-secret super-special show rehearsing. It is AH-mazing, and, frankly, because of its genius, it can affect everyone's life as we know it.

I snuck in a took a picture of the rehearsal. Look closely, there's a chance you can see some super-famous people rehearsing their cameos.

And that is MY day at


rcharbon said...

And it's all due to Badger MD.

Matty Smith said...

I think you got your finger in the shot in the third pic. Otherwise, good post.