Friday, January 16, 2009

Have a Short Roommate?

If you're tall, I bet you do.

We all like to play pranks on our short roommates, so here's a list that is bound to get their little panties in a knot.

1.) Place their Benefiber on the top shelf of the pantry.

2.) Call them "short".

3.) Place the toilet paper dispenser on the ceiling.

4.) Call them "short" a second time.

5.) Prank call them and ask if their refrigerator is running. (I know you can play that prank on anyone, but for some reason it just happens to be funnier when played on a short roommate.)

6.) Have sex on the foot of their bed while their sleeping.

So, if you haven't figured out already, this entire post has been one of sarcasm. That's right. These are all pranks that have been pulled on ME.

And I'm bitter. Really, really bitter.

So, now you're going to have to reread this entire post in a morose and petulant manner.

And, after you do, Joel and Erin put up another episode of Roommating on UCBComedy if you want to check it out.

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