Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Just TOO Real!!

I don't like it when people dislike certain kinds of comedy because "it hits too close to home."

I told an old boss of mine that my favorite show was The Office. He cringed and said, "Oh! I can't watch it. It's just too real. It hits too close to home."

"But... it's a TV show," I responded.

He cringed, walked away, and left two weeks later. I remember him saying at his goodbye party that Two and a Half Men really cracks him up.

So, that, of course, made me forgive him for disliking The Office.

I also had a French professor who said she couldn't get through Meet the Parents. How can you not get through that? She said that movie hit so close to home that she called off her engagement. "It was just too awkward", she said. However, for some reason, during French Cinema Appreciation Day, she showed us her favorite film where people pee on each other. (No, it's not that movie where that kid chases a red balloon. That's a balloon, not pee.)

I suppose everyone has a piece of comedy that hits too close to home. I guess I have one, too, even though I still like it.

Here's the video that's just a little too "real" to my life right now.


Matty Smith said...

I can't watch Judge Dredd. Just hits too close to home.

amey said...

hahah that's my video. The crack in the wall is from my apartment so this video was so close to my home that it was my home.