Friday, January 9, 2009

Something I Noticed This Week...

I was using my debit card to pay for a pack of gum at 7-11 and learned that the company refers to their employees as "Sales Associates". So, then I realized that I will never be qualified to ever work at 7-11. Don't you go to college to be a sales associate or some type of training seminar where you get a cool certificate?

If your job title is "7-11 Sales Associate" then you have to have a business card. You're probably listed in Linkdin and I bet you go to your high school reunion and treat everyone like a total douchebag because your insecurity catapulted your success. Whatever, paste-eater, go be successful in your cubicle which I'm sure you have because you're a sales associate. Go read your motivational calendar and buy a digital camera for your weekend at Sandals.

I resent you, 7-11 Sales Associate, wherever you are. Your financial success makes me want to throw up on you at 3 in the morning.

Even if I didn't resent you, I would still throw up on you at 3 in the morning. I've been doing it weekly anyway.

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