Friday, February 6, 2009

Christian Bale Video Parody Number 1000

Greetings folks. Will Hines here from the NYC wing of UCBComedy. I've been quiet on this blog because, being from NYC, I'm fucking cold. Who wants to blog, when you could be scouring the streets of Brooklyn for firewood? Not me!

So anyway we did our take on the Christian Bale audio rant thing. The one where he is swearing at his DP for apparently walking on the set during a shot. Here is our take where you see the DP walk into every shot of the trailer:

Gil Ozeri (the guy in the video) emailed me the morning thing the Bale thing was breaking and said "It'd be funny to see that Bale was right, and to see the DP walking into like every shot of the trailer?" And I said "Yes, it would be funny." And then Gil said "So let's film that, then?" And I said okay.

I was at my day job where I do video stuff so I brought Gil in and set up green screen paper in my friend's office and shot him for about 15 minutes, then grabbed the HD trailer from Apple in a completely illegal way and then got everything done by about 9pm. That sounds like a boring story to YOU but to me it was an exciting day of racing against imaginary hordes of YouTube who I knew were at that very moment remixing the audio with all possible Bale footage. I felt like a secret agent, but for videos.

By now, the Bale thing is already passing. But watch that video, would you? Gil is a ridiculous human being and very funny.

I might post pictures of me in the NYC UCB office looking at pictures of Becky and Matty in the LA office. It'll be a merging of two similar but different worlds -- like when the Flash from the 1940s met the Flash from the 1960s. That sentence was for Ian Roberts only, even though it's entirely possible Ian has never even heard of the Internet, much less this blog.

See you soon!

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