Friday, February 20, 2009

Fun Friday Videos Fun

Amey Goerlich is a UCBNY performer and teacher, and also teaches a five-year old film class and uploads the videos they make to

Matty and I are absolutely obsessed with these videos. We probably watch like five a day whenever we're "hardly working". They embrace the imaginative thought patterns of children. They have such an innocence to them. Also, there is one video with cats. Le video exemplaire.

I watched one today that I feel really tells the story about my life and I'm sure all of yours. There are no cats in it, but take a look at the Beautiful Butterfly.

Finally, The Midnight Show peeps uploaded Milkyrie, which for the non-cinephiles out there, is a combination of Valkyrie and Milk. Sure, you're probably thinking, "I get it: a parody about assassinating people!" Well, guess what? That's exactly what it's about and it's totally worth watching, especially for James Pumphrey's Emile Hirsch, Josh Fadem's Sean Penn, and Ryan Perez's heartfelt Hitler.

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