Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Christian Bale Video Parody Number 1001

It is pretty ridiculous that the NYC wing of ucbcomedy has made two Christian Bale parodies in a row. Are we that hack? Yes. But that repetitive? Surely. But that PROLIFIC? Rarely.

Actually, we're not really that pop culture of the moment oriented. We probably SHOULD be, what with our desires to become rich and powerful manipulators of the media and all of its disciples. But we usually don't know enough about what's going on.

Nonetheless, we have a SECOND and dare I say even funnier take on the Christian Bale thing. This one brought to you by Curtis Gwinn and Adam Pally of the NYC group Death By Roo Roo. It is their recreation of the rant. Pally as the offending DP, Curtis as the annoyingly named though probably nice guy director McG.

Bale Rant: The Dramatization!

Matty, I tried your love life advice and got arrested.

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