Friday, October 23, 2009

Spotlight On: The Birthday Boys

I was originally gonna feature a girl today, and from the New York theatre no less, but Becky went and had a feminist mental breakdown in response to some Huffington Post earlier this week so I thought I'd respond by featuring not just a male, but a group of males with a male word in the title. For all you mathematicians, that's like chauvinism to the third power. But rest assured, the featured group is not sexist. I am.

Spotlight On: The Birthday Boys
The Birthday Boys, a sketch group of seven very funny guys, perform monthly at the UCB Theatre LA with shows chock-full of upbeat and energetic comedy, and are regularly asked to perform in sketchfests around the country. It's extremely rare to find someone that doesn't outright love them after attending one of their shows, and it's not hard to see why. Their humor is always clever, always likable, and always funny. Here's some of their work (click their name above for more):

Halloween Badasses

Great Film Performances

And, if you want to see a full live sketch show by a group with a great specific voice, click right on here. I didn't want to embed it here, because it's a 40 minute video and thats pretty big for a little blog.

So there you go. And don't worry, New York, I'll feature one o' youse guys next week. That is, if Becky doesn't get upset about some Huffington Post story on neglected New York comedians first.

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