Friday, October 30, 2009


(This is from the UCBTLA Theatre Page. UCB New York folks click here.)

As many of you already know, in February 2008 the UCB Theatre introduced the creation of its third stage - UCBCOMEDY.COM. We recently completed a massive reboot of the website and we're now thrilled to announce the creation of the first ever House Teams for UCB COMEDY: BETA TEAMS!

Much like Harold Teams create improvised shows and Maude Teams create sketch shows for the UCB Theatre stage, Beta Teams will create videos for Beta Teams may also be given occasional live shows at the UCB Theatre to showcase their best videos and/or premiere special projects.

-Beta Teams are teams of directors, cinematographers, and editors who will work together to create and produce video content for UCBCOMEDY.COM.

-Beta Teams will receive scripts submissions from Maude teams and writers within the UCB community. Under the guidance of an approved Beta Team coach, you will select which scripts to shoot and edit, and work with the writers to produce their scripts. Beta Team members are eligible to submit scripts to their own teams, but it is at the discretion of your coach as to which scripts will be selected for production.

-Beta Teams are meant to create opportunities for directors, cinematographers, and editors to:
-gain regular feedback on their material
-gain experience in many different production situations
-collaborate with some of the top writers and actors in the UCB community

-The longterm goals for Beta Team members will be to:
-build their packets and reels with solid material for future submissions to TV and movie jobs
-find other writers, directors/DPs, and editors that they may want to work with in the future on other projects


-Beta Teams will consist of a mix of six (6) directors, cinematographers, and editors. The team members will work together in varying capacities to produce and upload videos to UCBCOMEDY.COM.

-Each team will be asked to upload roughly one new video per week to UCBCOMEDY.COM. Teams will be encouraged to create one-off videos as well as video series.

-Every team member will be encouraged to learn every job on the team. As team members become more and more proficient in each skill, the production workload will hopefully be more evenly shared, and the quality and quantity of the team's videos should increase.

-Beta Teams will have access to the some UCB Comedy camera, sound, and lighting equipment. Teams will sign these out and will be responsible for returning them on time. Of course, teams may also use their own equipment.

-Beta Teams will meet with an approved team director on a weekly basis to receive feedback on their edits, read through submitted scripts (or hear pitches from invited writers), and determine which scripts they would like to produce. The team director will basically work as a studio producer - deciding which scripts to put into production, giving notes on scripts and rough edits, making casting decisions, helping to set production schedules, directing videos when needed, etc.

-Beta Teams will cast their videos from a list of interested performers from advanced Improv classes as well as interested performers from the UCBT stage. Headshots and contact info for these performers will be made available to each team. And, of course, teams can use other means to cast their videos as needed for specific roles/types. Team members may also act in their own videos, but they should give priority to always casting the best possible person available for each role.

-Each team's videos will be featured on their own page on UCBCOMEDY.COM. Teams will also create a video bumper to intro all of their videos.

-In addition to the team's director, the Artistic Director will also give feedback on completed videos. The Artistic Director will choose some videos (at his/her discretion) to promote as "UCB COMEDY ORIGINALS." ORIGINALS are chosen/developed from many different sources. In addition to their being featured on UCBCOMEDY.COM, ORIGINALS are also featured and promoted on the UCB COMEDY YouTube channel and UCB COMEDY-branded pages on other websites. Occasionally, we are also able to obtain income from advertising and other sources for ORIGINALS. When that happens, we share that income with the video creators.

-As with all new initiatives at the theatre, this process will change as needed.


-Beta Team members will be selected from eligible submissions. To be eligible you must have completed a UCB Improv 401 (or higher) class OR a UCB Sketch 101 (or higher), or you must be a current UCBT writer/performer.

-If you are selected to be on a Beta Team, you must:
-attend meetings, shoots, etc. as scheduled
-be a consistent and active contributor to the team.
-perform your share of production jobs, including P.A. jobs, etc. as needed
-be able and willing to make your team a priority

-If you are not willing/able to comply with the above requirements

-If you miss more than two (2) meetings in a row, miss meetings on a regular basis, or fail to produce the required quantity of work - you will be replaced on your team.

-Beta Team members will be expected to pay their team directors for their time in meetings. This should be handled in the same way (logistically and financially) that Harold and Maude Teams pay their coaches. Teams should get approval for their team director from the Artistic Director.


-The submission deadline is Wednesday, November 11 at 7pm.

-Submissions should be dropped off at the UCB Theatre Box Office (5919 Franklin Ave. 90028), Monday through Friday, 11am to close.

-IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SUBMIT TO BE AN EDITOR, DIRECTOR, AND/OR DP: Your submission should consist of a directing/editing/DP reel, no longer than 5 minutes, submitted on a playable DVD (no computer files - it should be a DVD playable in any DVD player). Your reel should focus on your ability to make good comedy videos as much or more than your technical proficiency. We want videos to look good, but we're looking for people who can really make things funny. Feel free to include videos you've written - though you don't have to. Your submission should also include a cover page telling us what position(s) you're submitting for, why you should be included on a Beta Team, and any equipment you own that you could use to help produce videos (camera, editing software/computer, etc.).

-IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SUBMIT FOR MORE THAN ONE POSITION: Your submission should consist of all of the above. Please submit everything together in the same submission. DO NOT SUBMIT SEPARATELY FOR EACH POSITION.

-IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE INCLUDED ON THE LIST OF POTENTIAL BETA TEAM ACTORS Do nothing. We will contact eligible actors later to begin building this database.

-Your Beta Team submission should be placed in one (1) manilla envelope with your name, phone, email address, and all teachers names listed on the outside. Write BETA TEAM clearly on the envelope.


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ZigZags said...

Has anyone heard back re: Beta Team submission?

KeithHopkin said...

Yeah, what's the story? And Natarajaprabhu, I am certainly not interested in job opening in various indian cities.