Friday, October 16, 2009

Spotlight On: Justin Donaldson

Ladies and gentlemen, we (the royal "we") spend a lot of time writing stupid stuff on here, and we (the royal "we") got to thinking. Thinking that it's about time we (the royal "we") turned the spotlight more on the great performers of the UCB theatres rather than ourselves (the royal "ourselves") and our (the royal "our") dumb thoughts. So I* want to start a feature now, a feature I plan to actually repeat each week through the foreseeable future-- that is, through 2012, when a Mayan earthquake kills everyone but John Cusack and maybe Joan Cusack because they never work apart. So here it is, a featured performer segment I'd like to call Spotlight On.**

Spotlight On: Justin Donaldson
Justin' is a writer/performer at the UCBTLA, and a very funny and talented dude. He writes and performs with Maude sketch team Marvin Berry, hosts the regular This Is Your Life variety show at the theatre, and he regularly directs videos for the monthly Sketch Cram. Here's some of his work (click his name above for more):

Dir. Justin Donaldson, Wri. Mark Rennie

Security Signs
Dir. & Wri. Justin Donaldson

Crazy Marv Breakfast Emporium
Dir. Justin Donaldson, Wri. Scott Davis

Have a suggestion for a performer to spotlight? Just lemme know!

*Denotes me giving up on that stupid bit.
**I stole this title from a dorm activity from college.

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Susan Silver said...

Love to see Garfunkel & Oates featured and Charlene Yi:) if they haven't been already.