Friday, October 9, 2009

Trying Too Hard

The following is a real gchat between Matty and Becky. It's chock full of wit and insight, and trying too hard. This is very special and behind the scenes, like, more behind the scenes than that time P. Diddy video blogged himself peeing. I thought about editing it to make it more interesting, but that'd be dishonest and I'm all about truth in comedy and thinking about writing a book about that. I did add visual aids.

Becky: let's have a funny gchat conversation and then post it on the UCB Comedy blog
all the hip people do that
and... scene.
me: how's the data job?
Becky: you mean... my data job with the president on the moon?
it's okay
(that's anti-heightening)
me: no it's less than just okay, it's so-so
(that's a heightened anti-heightening)
so i'm personally glad we finally attacked the moon
Becky: me too
me: it'll make us better prepared for triffid attacks
Becky: hang on i need to google triffid
holy shit
me: it's a plant that makes everyone blind and attacks, but also from space
Becky: triffids are scary
me: if i remember correct
Becky: yeah you're right
Do you know what else I'm scared of?
me: i don't need to google that to know it's terrifying
Becky: like, i'm afraid i'll give birth to one
me: yeah it'd be terrifying
a cross between a hummer, an ant, a zebra, and bees
Becky: i know- a horrible carbon footprint mixed with the least adorable animals
me: hey, zebras are dark-horse cute animals
they'll surprise you
just kidding, they're not dark, they have stripes
Becky: oh my god, when people read this blog post, they are going to think we're hilarious
me: rofl rofl
Becky: LFMAO
me: roflcopter
Becky: United ROFL
btw prw
Becky: ROFLercoaster
me: Rofl Nader
Becky: Little Rofl from a Christmas Story
Hi, Souplantation, can I get the clam chowder in a breadROFL?
me: rrrrrrofls have rrrrrrridges
Becky: btw pROFLw
Sent at 11:52 AM on Friday
me: btROFL pROFLw
Baroflack Obroflama won the Roflbel Peace Profl
Sent at 11:54 AM on Friday
Becky: Did you watch the of ROFLice last night!
I'm so glad Rofl and rofl finally tied the rofl
me: did you see last nights the rofls? I can't believe rofl went through with marrying spencer.
Sent at 11:56 AM on Friday
Becky: oh, rofl! i missed it! I instead watched "Rofl and a Half Rofl" on my DVR last night
me: that show's been downhill ever since the third rofl
Becky: i know, but i still like it
it makes me roll on the floor laughing
I also really like How I Met Your GPOYW
me: i do not know what that means
but i chose to read it phonetically and leave it at that
Becky: ok
one more thing
I never told you this before
My favorite movie is What's Eating Gilbert GPOYW

Admittedly, we lost it at the end there. And what was that, a political cartoon? That was pretty unacceptable.

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