Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Some of the UCB Comedy videos on our YouTube page have been getting some weird comments.

For example, one person typed "NVM" on one of our videos. After a quick search in Urban Dictionary, I found out that "NVM" means never mind.

Okay, gruntguy82, never mind to what? Never mind to the video? Never mind to what you typed? Please be specific!

Did you type something in the comment box and then erase it, but wanted to let us know that you had originally typed something so you just said "NVM"? If so, that makes me really paranoid. Just be truthful, gruntguy82. If you got a hard-on watching Wacky Cats, you can tell us! We don't care! But, if you're not going to leave comments that come straight from the heart, then NVM to you, mister!

Gruntguy82, if you're embarrassed to say something to us, don't be. NVM your inhibitions. If the ucbcomedy youtube account smells just be a man and tell us so we won't embarrass ourselves when we want to impress some pretty, sexy, youtube account that's way out of our league. Don't start to type "you smell", erase it, and then write "NVM". It's really detrimental to our friendship. Just type "you smell." We might be angry at you for a few minutes at most, but then we'll be really thankful. I promise.

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