Friday, November 7, 2008

Top Five Theme Songs I Always Confuse

1.) Entertainment Tonight with Dateline

2.) The Real World Boston theme song with The Real World Hollywood. Here's the difference: Cyrus in the Boston season says "This is where we stop being polite and start getting real" and in the Hollywood season it's NOT Cyrus saying that. Confusing, right?

3.) The Intervention theme song with the song that plays in this music box I once had as a kid.

4.) The Step by Step theme song with Family Matters... until I get to the chorus of the Step By Step theme song and then I say, "That's the Step by Step theme song!" because the actual lyrics are "step by step" and then everyone around me says, "Ohhhh! You're right!"

5.) "Are You Ready for Some Football" with the Art Institute of Detroit fight song.

For fans of NPR theme songs, check out this video, directed by Matt Walsh.

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